Enjoy the Freshest Breads Everyday #BreadWorld

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Enjoy the Freshest Breads Everyday #BreadWorld

Say you want the finest gourmet breads imaginable, what do you do? If you're like most people, you'll probably visit your favorite bakery which has spread out ubiquitously. However, if you possess some talent in baking and do have some spare time, you can opt to do your personal baking at home. While each approaches may get what you want, neither gives the impression of practicality. Visiting a specialty bakeshop can be somewhat expensive. Similarly, preparing your own bread, though fulfilling, can be very tedious. Think about all the work and mess you'll create, mixing all the ingredients and doing all the kneading.

But picture this: You wake up to freshly baked breads every morning without setting your foot outside, or exerting much effort. This might seem too good to be true, but its not. Lo and behold, the Breville Automatic Breadmaker.

Bread making machines are a new concept for most of us. But if you are a bread lover, this machine might just become your best companion. The Breville Automatic Breadmaker allows anyone (yes, even those who are clueless about baking) to bake his / her favorite loaf in just three easy steps. How easy it is? Simply pour in all the required ingredients, program the machine as to your desired setting, and wait until the machines baking process is done.

As one of the well-known kitchen brands in the world, Breville shaped its automatic breadmaker with features that will delight any bread enthusiast. Choose from a dozen of baking programs that include Basic, Sweet, Continental, French, and more. Pasta and jam settings are also included, making the machine a more versatile unit. You can even customize your bread loaf by loading your much loved toppings using its fruit and nut dispenser.

Among its variety of cool features, nothing beats the preset timer function which allows you to have your freshly baked bread exactly when you want it. Say its eight in the evening and you plan to get up at 6 a.m. the following day (or 10 hours later). Simply set the timer to 10 hours and the machine will start baking at the appropriate time and your bread will be ready at exactly 6 a.m. for sure. For this reason, you dont have to push yourself to wake up early to prepare and bake; youll be awakening by the comforting aroma of fresh breads instantly.

Being lazy is not really a bad thing. If you're not very eager on preparing the ingredients yourself, Breville Premixes are also available. It comes in four recipes for you to get rid of some other guesswork. Moreover, Breville includes a free Starter Pack, which includes measuring cups and sample premixes to fire up your bread baking enthusiasm.

Breville truly makes the freshest breads a simple reality. It makes all the unimaginable task of everyday home baking into a more convenient one. Just imagine the multitude of delightful breads you could make. Of course with the Breville Breadmaker, you dont have to.

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  1. I love baking! But yes there are times that I become lazy, I get lazy having to wake up early or working late at night just to enjoy what I baked the next morning. This is perfect!

  2. I love bread but don't know how to bake so this is perfect for me! I wish I'll be able to buy one. How much does it cost?


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